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These are push pins of bug-type Pokémon. Have fun attaching them to a wall or board.

Pokemon Bug Out Push Pin Set of 6

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Subject to availability.
  • Measurements & Weight:

    Buzzwole: 1.1”×1.2”×0.4”: 0.1oz

    Volcarona: 0.9”×1.3”×0.4”: 0.1oz

    Joltik: 0.8”×1.0”×0.4”, 0.1oz

    Vivillon: 0.9”×1.1”×0.4”, 0.1oz

    Scizor: 1.1”×1.0”×0.4”, 0.1oz

    Pheromosa: 1.2”×0.9”×0.4”, 0.1oz

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